Pediatric Care

Pediatric Care

Well Child Examinations

Well child exams are important for monitoring your child’s health, growth and development. Your baby’s first exam will occur immediately following birth. Thereafter, we will schedule check-ups every few months. During the visit, we’ll record your child’s weight, height and the size of his head. Our doctor will perform a thorough physical exam and check to ensure your child is meeting the normal developmental milestones. Children with specific medical conditions, such as diabetes or asthma, or other chronic illnesses, may need to be seen more frequently. Well child exams are also a good opportunity for you to ask the pediatrician any questions you have. Please contact our office for a well-child exam schedule.


Vaccines are one of the safest and best methods of prevention. Immunizations can be administered to patients with minor illnesses, such as an ear infection or runny nose. Patients experiencing moderate to severe sickness should not receive some vaccinations, and those with other health conditions should not be given specific vaccines or receive them at a later date.

Our office follows the Immunization Schedule recommended by the Center of Disease Control:

CDC’s Recommended Immunizations

If you have any questions/concerns about yours or your child’s immunizations, feel free to contact us.

School Physicals

We recommend annual school physicals for all school-aged children. School physical documentation is required for all children entering kindergarten, and for grades 1 – 12 if transferring from another school. If this is the first time you have seen one of our doctors, please bring with you the immunization card from your previous doctor. Our doctor will review your child’s medical history, give immunizations and do any pertinent lab work that would reveal any suspected problems. We will also discuss healthy lifestyle choices such as a balanced diet and physical activity. Help keep your child healthy and schedule an appointment today.